My New Years Resolutions

#1 Subvert the Patriarchy

a) – Don’t let him get away with it. Call out all the bull shit. Call out abuse. Call out gas-lighting. Call out false superiority. Call out condescension. Call out authoritarianism. Call out dishonesty and manipulation. Call out the use and abuse of the “power over” dynamic.

b) – Make myself heard. Speak my truth, even when he’s trying to shout me down. Don’t walk away before I have made him understand.

c) – Stand up for others who are being dominated and silenced.

d) – Vote based on substance, not identity. Vote based on policies and trustworthiness and nothing else. Always vote.

e) – Center the “other.” Center the Earth, the mother of us all.

f) – Remind people that “fair” does not mean “equal.” It means everyone’s needs are met.

#2 Build the Matriarchy

a) – Acknowledge and honor emotion, my own and others’.

b) – Connect with my true spirituality that comes organically from the land, from the natural world. Speak out against man-made, manufactured Religion.

c) – Listen before I speak. Think before I act. Maintain calm strength. Maintain integrity.

d) – Know myself. Accept myself for who I am. Accept others for who they are, especially children.

e) – Let go of what is out of my control. Take back what I can control.

f) – Pay attention to the Moon, its phases and their effect on water. Remember that 60% of my body and 71% of the earth is water.

#3 Foment the Wild Grrrl Revolution

a)- Awaken womxn and grrrls to their wildness. Be constantly aware of my own wildness. Remind myself and others that wildness, like power, resides within and cannot be taken unless it is given away. It is my autonomy, my self-determination, my ability to chart my own course and walk my own path. My ability to be who I am and do what I do, unapologetically.

b) – Join in a circle with other womxn and grrrls. Talk. Talk about emotion. Talk about experience. Talk about art. Talk about society. Talk about culture. Talk about the Goddess. Talk about Patriarchy and how we subvert it. Talk about Matriarchy and how we build it.

c) – Create.

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