Welcome to Dysfunction Junction!

Welcome to where politics, emotion, and spirituality meet!

I live in Grand Junction, Colorado, which is renowned as being one of the most conservative counties in the state. Extremely conservative, in fact. I, most certainly, am not extremely conservative, as I’m sure you’ve guessed. No, I’m what some people might even call “radical.” But if that word conjures visions of brick-throwing, Molotov cocktail-lobbing, ski mask-wearing rioters for you, let me assure you, that doesn’t describe me.

No. I’m just a person with thoughts, beliefs, life struggles, and emotions, like everyone else, I would imagine. It’s just that those thoughts and beliefs, my thoughts and beliefs, are far, far outside the mainstream of thought and belief, especially for Grand Junction, Colorado in the year 2020. In a dry sea full of fundamentalist Christians, I’m an eclectic Pagan. In a valley full of Trumpsters, I’m a “Bernie Bro,” even though I’m female, but what does that matter, I guess.

And ideologically, I’m even farther left than Bernie, too. I’m more in line with anarcho-communists, truth be told. But I don’t think that has to be a scary thing. I’m not a scary person, I don’t think. And I also recognize that my ideal anarcho-communist utopia is far, far, far from the reality we live every day in the USA. And that you have to meet people where they are. I might be radical, but I’m not unreasonable.

My life struggles are probably pretty run-of-the-mill: adult child of an alcoholic, product of a dysfunctional family, depression, romantic relationship issues, career and life-direction issues. You know. The same old stuff. It’s taken me a long time to get a handle on the emotion part, and still my grip is not always terribly strong. But I’ve come a long way. And I’m in a much more healed place than I was even five years ago. Ten years ago. Twenty. Thirty (no way!).

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Our political leanings don’t exist in the absence of emotion, life experience, and belief. It’s precisely those things that influence our political opinions, and then our politics help to create our life experiences, and therefore our beliefs and emotions. It’s a feedback loop. Like the infinity sign. This is why so many people out there “hate politics” or just “aren’t into” them and “don’t pay attention.” Because they have emotions about them that they don’t want to face. Old wounds they don’t want to open. Mental health glitches they’d rather not deal with. Politics are “depressing.” Right? And people are dicks about it, too. Who wants to deal with that?

But we don’t have to be dicks about it. Really. We don’t. Or, well, sometimes we have to be dicks about it. Suffice it to say that we don’t have to be dicks about it nearly as often as we are. And pretty much always, we’re dicks about it because of the emotions we have around it.

Nothing ever gets better until you deal with it, until you face it down, until you confront it. Like your dysfunctional relationships. You’re just going to get yourself into another one that might even be worse if you don’t recognize your dysfunctional patterns. So, you have to deal with it. For your own good.

“Politics” is the same way. It ain’t gonna get any better by ignoring it.

This blog is my attempt at facing down the dysfunction in my life and in my world. Sometimes, it’ll be blatantly political. Sometimes, it’ll be meditative, poetic, and healing. Sometimes, it’ll be analytical, philosophical, and maybe even educational. If you can roll with that, I hope it helps you feel less alone.

Peace and Solidarity,

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