A Meditation On Matriarchy and Paganism.

Matriarchy isn’t what people think it is, either. It’s not women being in charge of everything, or having power over men, or anything else. It’s the opposite of patriarchy, not it’s mirror image. It’s something totally different and apart from it.

If patriarchy is all about dominance and competition and aggression and hierarchy, then matriarchy is all about equanimity, cooperation, gentleness, consensus, and egalitarianism. This, of course, is not to say that there aren’t any men who are gentle and cooperative and want to be fair to everyone. It’s also not to say that there are no aggressive, competitive, “alpha” women, either. Matriarchy and patriarchy actually have nothing to do with our real-life, individual genders or sexes. They are power structures. Patriarchy is a power structure based on everything we think of as masculine, and men are pretty much the only ones who benefit from it. It’s competitive, like Capitalism. They win, we lose.

Matriarchy is a power structure based on everything we think of as feminine. Openness, compassion, nurturance, care, acceptance, etc. In a matriarchy, ideally, everybody wins.

There are traditional societies and cultures on this planet that are far more matriarchal than mainstream, Christian, white culture in the US, not that that’s a difficult thing to do.

There is no such thing as pure matriarchy, nor is there such thing as pure patriarchy. In matriarchy, masculinity is still allowed expression. In patriarchy, the feminine will always find a way to undermine, to poke up through the cracks.

Today is the Summer Solstice, or Litha, by its Pagan name. It’s a religious holiday for me. I shit you not. I’m not even kidding. Not even a little bit. In all seriousness, I’m an Eclectic Pagan who practices Green Witchcraft. That all is not what you think it is, either. Unless, of course, you know exactly what it is.

One of these days, I’ll get my shit together enough to start making some videos. And when I do, they’ll be about Paganism and Astrology and Tarot and Green Witchcraft. I know already what the atheists and agnostics are thinking. “Okay, that’s it. I’m done. I thought this chick was political.” Well, I am. And I don’t mean any offense by this at all, and please don’t take any, but that attitude is a very patriarchal attitude. Just be aware of that. To dismiss something simply because it’s “irrational” is to dismiss emotion and intuition, two things that definitely fall on the feminine side of our definitions, and to dismiss them is to dismiss the feminine. And that’s like one of the main things patriarchy does. Human spirituality is a real thing. Just because you can’t quantify it, or it doesn’t make “logical” sense, or it can’t be “proven” to exist in the physical reality, does not make it stupid or worthless. It just makes it something you don’t understand.

And maybe it would be good if you tried to understand it.

You can’t prove love exists, either.

Likewise, any Christians or Jews or Muslims who are maybe freaked out by the idea of Paganism and think it’s “Satanic,” I’ll just point out that most of the Pagans I know don’t believe in Satan or the Devil. They believe in evil, sure, as do I. But I believe that evil is a creation of the human mind. And thought creates reality. So maybe we should stop thinking so many evil thoughts. Satan and the Devil are just our own imaginative representations of evil. And I worship neither one.

I also don’t believe in one divine being who rules over everything. Divinity does not rule over us, it runs through us, like our blood.

In patriarchy, there is one male God with power over everything.

That’s part of what drew me to Paganism. It’s matriarchal.

In Paganism, everything naturally occurring is divine. Human beings are divine. The things humans create and build, though, maybe not so much, although sometimes, sometimes.

Divinity is both male and female, masculine and feminine, dark and light, creative and destructive. Nothing is to be feared because it is all one. No one thing rules over anything else, but we all participate in creation and destruction. We all have the power of creation and destruction. We share this power. There is no one who wields it over us. Our power has limits, but within those limits, we are responsible for what we create and what we destroy.

And it’s always Christian Republicans going on about “personal responsibility.” Ha!

We are responsible for what we create and what we destroy. Every mother should know this.

Today is Litha, the Summer Solstice. The time of growth, the time when we need to be nurtured, cared for, encouraged. The time when we need to nurture, care for, and encourage each other, so that we may grow.

There’s a new moon, which means that the moon is right next to the Sun in our sky, so we can’t see it at all. The Sun is too bright and the Moon is up during the day. There is no visible Moon at night because the Moon has already set with the Sun. Today’s New Moon is a special New Moon, too, though, because it’s also involved in an Annular Solar Eclipse. We can’t see it from the US, but nevertheless, it’s still happening. In Astrology, eclipses signal endings and new beginnings. Times when old patterns are broken and new ones forged.

This particular New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice are happening in the astrological sign of Cancer, the sign associated with the Moon and with mothers and motherhood. The sign associated with the ocean, the mother of us all. The sign associated with the womb, the place of nurture, the place of growth, the place of new life, the place of fertility.

The patriarchy is falling. Now is the time to build the matriarchy. Go.

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