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Bernie Sanders is neither a “Socialist” nor a “Revolutionary.” Sorry.

Now look, I still love Bernie, and I’m not going to call him a “fraud” or a “sell out,” nor am I going to get pissed at him for using the word “irresponsible.” And, honestly, I think that people who are pissed at him… Continue Reading “Bernie Sanders is neither a “Socialist” nor a “Revolutionary.” Sorry.”

On Voting Blue No Matter Who.

Once upon a time, I was a VBNMW person. This was before “VBNMW” was even really a thing. During the Obama years, basically. Why? My logic was pretty much what you’d expect: that the Democrat is always at least a tiny bit better than… Continue Reading “On Voting Blue No Matter Who.”

On Voting Your Conscience

Online lately there’s been a lot of vitriol, a lot of angry name calling and finger-pointing. I’d like to invite us all to calm the fuck down for a second and actually think about this. I’m a firm advocate of voting your conscience. In… Continue Reading “On Voting Your Conscience”

On Wasting Your Vote

The first presidential election I ever voted in was 1992. I voted for Bill Clinton. I was twenty years old and relatively politically unaware, although I had already thought Republicans were assholes since I was about ten. Not really based on many specifics, just… Continue Reading “On Wasting Your Vote”

My New Years Resolutions

#1 Subvert the Patriarchy a) – Don’t let him get away with it. Call out all the bull shit. Call out abuse. Call out gas-lighting. Call out false superiority. Call out condescension. Call out authoritarianism. Call out dishonesty and manipulation. Call out the use… Continue Reading “My New Years Resolutions”