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A Few Far-Left Reasons To Maybe Think About Voting For Joe Biden.

I’ve made my feelings known in previous posts how I feel about Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president. I think he sucks. That hasn’t changed. And I’m still not VBNMW, as I’ve also explained in previous posts, and I’m not at all… Continue Reading “A Few Far-Left Reasons To Maybe Think About Voting For Joe Biden.”

Bernie Sanders is neither a “Socialist” nor a “Revolutionary.” Sorry.

Now look, I still love Bernie, and I’m not going to call him a “fraud” or a “sell out,” nor am I going to get pissed at him for using the word “irresponsible.” And, honestly, I think that people who are pissed at him… Continue Reading “Bernie Sanders is neither a “Socialist” nor a “Revolutionary.” Sorry.”

On Voting Blue No Matter Who.

Once upon a time, I was a VBNMW person. This was before “VBNMW” was even really a thing. During the Obama years, basically. Why? My logic was pretty much what you’d expect: that the Democrat is always at least a tiny bit better than… Continue Reading “On Voting Blue No Matter Who.”

On Voting Your Conscience

Online lately there’s been a lot of vitriol, a lot of angry name calling and finger-pointing. I’d like to invite us all to calm the fuck down for a second and actually think about this. I’m a firm advocate of voting your conscience. In… Continue Reading “On Voting Your Conscience”

On Wasting Your Vote

The first presidential election I ever voted in was 1992. I voted for Bill Clinton. I was twenty years old and relatively politically unaware, although I had already thought Republicans were assholes since I was about ten. Not really based on many specifics, just… Continue Reading “On Wasting Your Vote”

The Question.

The question I have spent more time thinking about over the course of my life than just about any other question is, “Why are people so fucked up?” Why are they rude and condescending and controlling and dismissive and disrespectful? Why are they manipulative… Continue Reading “The Question.”