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Most Depressing Post Ever. Do Not Read.

No one cares about me. I don’t mean that in a fishing-for-sympathy-pathetic-loser-ish sort of way. I just mean it as a calm statement of fact. My 90-year-old father is in the ICU tonight for a non-COVID-related medical condition. In the coming days, he’ll have… Continue Reading “Most Depressing Post Ever. Do Not Read.”

10 Things Your Small Town Can Do on July 4th to MAGA!

Trigger Warning: This post is satire. It is mockery. It is sarcasm. Yes, it uses some offensive language, but only to mock those who would use it in real life. I originally posted it last year. It was my first post, actually. Hope you get a kick out of it.

The Weaponization of Emotion

This post was originally supposed to be about Michael Moore’s controversial new documentary, Planet of the Humans. And it still is, but not in the way you’d think. I’m going to leave alone, for now, my opinions about the film itself, my opinions about… Continue Reading “The Weaponization of Emotion”

The Selfishness of Rich People.

Or, Paying To Destroy Nature, But Not To Preserve It. So, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that’s not much of a secret. My day job right now is working for the National Park Service at the entrance gates of a… Continue Reading “The Selfishness of Rich People.”

On Voting Your Conscience

Online lately there’s been a lot of vitriol, a lot of angry name calling and finger-pointing. I’d like to invite us all to calm the fuck down for a second and actually think about this. I’m a firm advocate of voting your conscience. In… Continue Reading “On Voting Your Conscience”

Mourning Australia

While US TV talks about Iran and Impeachment, an entire continent full of animals is burning to death. I remember back in the ’90’s, it was a thing among a certain segment of the environmental activist community to openly grieve and mourn the loss… Continue Reading “Mourning Australia”

My New Years Resolutions

#1 Subvert the Patriarchy a) – Don’t let him get away with it. Call out all the bull shit. Call out abuse. Call out gas-lighting. Call out false superiority. Call out condescension. Call out authoritarianism. Call out dishonesty and manipulation. Call out the use… Continue Reading “My New Years Resolutions”

Merry Effing Xmas

Is anyone else as exhausted as I am right now? I mean, I’m always kinda feeling that around the holidays, especially if I have to travel and see family. It’s very stressful, no matter what, every year. But, there’s something about this year that… Continue Reading “Merry Effing Xmas”

Eternal Bull Shit of the Dysfunctional Mind

Why did we build a system dependent upon “competition?” (Yes, Capitalism. Yes, Patriarchy. I’m talking about you.)

I go outside.

Whenever he is in a bad mood, I go outside. Whenever he interrupts me to criticize the content of the sentence I have yet to finish, I go outside. Whenever he argues with me when I’m agreeing with him, I go outside. Whenever a… Continue Reading “I go outside.”